OEM – Observatoire des Energies de la Mer

Apr 18, 2019

Avec les énergies de la mer, la France dispose d’une formidable opportunité : donner naissance à une nouvelle filière industrielle au croisement de la croissance bleue et de la croissance verte et créer des emplois…

Pôle Emploi

Apr 18, 2019


Apr 08, 2019

Energies de la mer

Apr 08, 2019

Ocean Energy Europe

Apr 08, 2019

CCI Business

Apr 08, 2019

CCI Business Renewables is the only French MRE business information and procurement online platform, since 2011 It is deployed nationwide, in particular all over the French continental coastal regions Coordination team encompasses IT executives,…

InDepth Wind

Mar 27, 2019

InDepth Wind is at the forefront of the wind energy industry throughout 2017 and beyond. This innovative and forward-looking wind power magazine provides the latest news from the industry, and with unrivaled inside knowledge,…

Décideurs Magazines

Mar 25, 2019

Leaders League is a media and rating agency for top executives at the international level. We connect senior business leaders to a dynamic network of business information and people sharing a common passion :…