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Enedis is the leading European electricity distributor. Enedis is a public utility company, manager of the electricity distribution network. It develops, exploits, modernizes the electrical network and manages the associated data. It realizes the connections of the consumers and the producers of its field of tension (20 000 and 400 volts), the reparation 24h/24, 7/7, the relief and all the technical interventions. Enedis is independent of the energy suppliers who are responsible for the sale and management of the electricity supply contract.

The distribution network is at the heart of the energy transition, it is the physical place of this transition. The contribution of the network is essential to its success and the achievement of low carbon objectives. For several years, Enedis has been adapting and modernizing the network, which hosts 95% of decentralized energy production facilities (more than 372,000 sites representing more than 23 GW).

Following the call for projects launched by the French government, an experimental park of electricity production from turbines will be installed in the Raz-Blanchard located west of Cotentin near Cherbourg. This site was chosen for the power of its currents, driving elements for the operation of the turbines. Enedis will make the connection to the network, this project having been the subject of a public inquiry in order to gather the opinion of all the external stakeholders. The connection of renewable energy production units from tidal turbines is a new challenge for Enedis. In accordance with its sustainable development commitments, Enedis will carry out this work respecting the biodiversity and quality of the site. They will have no visual impact and the environment will remain the same.

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