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Dunkerque is the northernmost town in France and is just ten miles from the border with Belgium. Visit Dunkerque and find a whole host of attractions. For instance, the Dunkerque beaches are a popular spot for kite-surfers, sand-surfers and wind-surfers, with gorgeous natural views perfect for long walks or a relaxing afternoon by the sea. The sweeping coastline isn’t just a hotspot for holidaymakers; they’re also the site of one of the most significant events of the Second World War. During a 9-day operation in 1940, over 340,000 French and British soldiers were rescued from advancing enemy troops by a swiftly assembled fleet of around seven hundred vessels. World famous movie director Christopher Nolan, shot his last movie, released in 2017, in the streets of the seaside resort and on the beaches of Dunkerque.

Cuisine plays as important a role as it does in the rest of France; you find a distinctive Flemish influence here.

More information: https://www.dunkerquepromotion.org/en/