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ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) is active in the implementation of public policy in the areas of the environment, energy and sustainable development. ADEME provides expertise and advisory services to businesses, local authorities and communities, government bodies and the public at large, to enable them to establish and consolidate their environmental action. As part of this work the agency helps finance projects, from research to implementation, in its areas of action.
Aertssen Groupwww.aertssen.beBelgiumC 41
AFPAwww.afpa.frFranceD 51
Akroceanwww.akrocean.comFranceF 52
Ameris Groupwww.ameris.netFrance A 23
Ancofer Waldram Steeplateswww.ancoferwaldram.comThe NetherlandsB 21
Atlantique Offshore Energywww.chantiers-atlantique.comFrance F 51
AVEL www.avelrobotics.comFranceD 51
Basque Energy Cluster (Wave Energy Basque Country) www.clusterenergia.com
The Basque Energy Cluster is a non-profit organization to foster the competitiveness of the industrial sector. With 168 members, it integrates the leading companies in the value chain of the energy sector, Basque scientific-technological agents, and public administration bodies with responsibilities in the energy area.
SpainA 22
Belgian Offshore Clusterwww.belgianoffshorecluster.beBelgiumC 41
Besséwww.cabinet-besse.comFranceF 63
Biardo Survival BVwww.biardo.comThe NetherlandsG 82
BIMEP (Wave Energy Basque Country)www.bimep.comSpainA 22
Biodiv-wind SASwww.biodiv-wind.comFranceE 21
BoltLife www.boltlife.comThe NetherlandsF 46
Bonn and Mees www.bonn-mees.comThe NetherlandsF 46
Bordeaux Port Atlantiquewww.bordeaux-port.frFranceA 13
Breizh EMRwww.bretagneoceanpower.frFrance D 51
Bureau Veritaswww.bureauveritas.frFranceD 71
Centrale Nantes www.ec-nantes.frFranceF 51
Cerenis Consulting and Engineeringwww.cerenis-bordeaux.frFrance A 13
Ceteal www.ceteal.euFrance F 51
Cherbourg Manutention www.cherbourgmanutention.comFrance A 23
CLSwww.energyoffshore-cls.comFrance E 21
CMNwww.cmn-group.comFranceF 53
Communauté d'agglomération du Boulonnais www.agglo-boulonnais.frFrance B 12
Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerquewww.communaute-urbaine-dunkerque.fr
L’avenir des entreprises dépend aujourd’hui de leur capacité à anticiper et à innover, la Communauté urbaine de Dunkerque place l’innovation et la recherche au cœur de ses priorités. Dans une optique de mutation industrielle, le territoire Dunkerquois, première plateforme énergétique d’Europe, porte un rôle de leadership sur la filière énergie en région et œuvre à la construction d’une excellence territoriale sur l’énergie, tant sur les aspects de la recherche, de la formation que de la filière.
FranceB 12
CREOCEAN (70 employees, 10,5 M €) offers a comprehensive range of services focused on the protection and development of coastal and marine areas in a permanent concern for integrated and sustainable management. Its expertise includes geophysics, hydrodynamics, biology and ecology, and data management. The major asset of CREOCEAN lies in its ability to handle all aspects of marine project from the early stages to application and project management.
France A 23
Damen Shipyardswww.damen.com
Damen Shipyards Group operates 35 shipbuilding and repair yards, employing 12,000 people worldwide. Damen has delivered more than 6,000 vessels in more than 100 countries and delivers some 160 vessels annually to customers worldwide. Based on its unique, standardised ship-design concept Damen is able to guarantee consistent quality.
FranceF 41
DEME Offshorewww.deme-group.com
DEME Offshore is a global provider of the most comprehensive and innovative solutions in the renewables industry. We offer flexible solutions in the fields of foundation, cable, turbine and substation installation and maintenance activities.
BelgiumE 11
Dillinger www.dillinger-france.com
Dillinger, with its rolling mills located in Dillingen and Dunkirk (Dillinger France), is Europe's leading heavy plate producer and offers steel solutions for Offshore Wind Energy Installations. Dillinger supplies a large range of steel plates with superior mechanical and toughness properties even in the most extreme dimensions – up to 150 mm in thickness and up to 42 t in single plate weight. Maximum delivery reliability and logistical support for the customer are our constant top priority.
FranceB 21
Energy Basque Country)
www.ditrel.esSpain A 22
Dunkerque Promotionwww.dunkerquepromotion.orgFrance B 12
e-Bo Entreprises NV www.ebo-entreprises.comBelgium C 41
EDF Renouvelableswww.edf-renouvelables.com
EDF Renouvelables is a market leader in renewable energy electricity, with a portfolio of more than 12 GW gross installed capacity focused for the most part on wind (onshore and offshore) and solar photovoltaic energy. Mostly operating in Europe and North America, EDF Renouvelables continues its development by taking strong positions in Renewable Marine Energies. EDF Renouvelables is a subsidiary of the EDF Group dedicated to renewable energy.
FranceB 34
EEL Energywww.eel-energy.fr FranceB 22
EFINORwww.efinor.frFranceA 23
ELA Container Offshore GmbHwww.ela-offshore.comGermanyF 61
Elicio NV is a Belgian renewable energy producer operating internationally. Elicio operates within all aspects of renewable energy by successfully developing, engineering, constructing and running its projects in-house for 20 years. Elicio actually focuses on wind projects that contribute to a more sustainable world, a more responsible society and on a long-term vision for its shareholders. Total, Ørsted and Elicio: a unique combination of skills to develop Dunkerque’s offshore wind farm.
France B 35
Enerfipwww.enerfip.frFrance E 21
Energie de la Lune www.energiedelalune.frFrance A 13
We are a global energy and services group, focused on three core activities : low-carbon power generation, mainly based on natural gas and renewable energy; global networks and customer solutions. Driven by our ambition to contribute to a harmonious progress, we take up major global challenges such as the fight against global warming, access to energy to all, or mobility, and offer our customers, solutions and services that reconcile individual and collective interests.
FranceA 11
Engie Greenwww.engie-green.fr
ENGIE Green est l’acteur de référence en France de l’éolien, du solaire photovoltaïque, des énergies marines et de la méthanisation.
FranceA 11
Eolfiwww.eolfi.comFranceB 33
Eoliennes en Mer Dieppe le Tréportwww.dieppe-le-treport.eloliennes-mer.fr
Éoliennes en Mer Dieppe Le Tréport (EMDT) a remporté en 2014 l’appel d’offres lancé par l’État pour le développement d’un parc éolien en mer au large de Dieppe et du Tréport. La mise en service de ce projet énergétique majeur pour la Normandie et les Hauts-de-France est prévue à l’horizon 2023. À l’heure de la lutte collective contre le dérèglement climatique, notre projet représente un engagement tangible pour la réussite de la transition énergétique en France.
FranceA 11
Eoliennes en mer Yeu Noirmoutier iles-yeu-noirmoutier.eoliennes-mer.frFranceF 51
Eolinkwww.eolink.frFranceD 51
ETA Subsea Cable Specialistswww.eta-ltd.comUnited KingdomF 45
Euromat'EQUIPwww.euromat-equip.frFranceF 43
EVE (Wave Energy Basque Country)www.eve.eusSpainA 22
EVIAA Marine www.eviaa-marine.frFranceA 13
Evolenwww.evolen.orgFranceC 61
Flowservewww.flowserve.com France F 51
FMGCwww.farinia.comFranceB 32
France Energies Eolienneswww.fee.asso.frFranceF 32
France Energies Marineswww.france-energies-marines.orgFranceG 81
Freudenberg Sealing Technologieswww.fst.comBelgiumC 41
Fugrowww.fugro.comUnited KingdomD 67
Future Services Int bvbafutureservices.euBelgiumC 41
Gaïa Terre Bleuewww.gaia-terrebleue.frFranceD 51
Gassmeidwww.gassmeid.frFrance B 12
General Electric Renewable Energywww.ge.com
GE Renewable Energy is a $15 billion business which combines one of the broadest portfolios in the renewable energy industry to provide solutions for our customers demanding reliable and affordable green power. Combining onshore and offshore wind, blades, hydro, storage, utility-scale solar, and grid solutions as well as hybrid renewables and digital services offerings, we have installed more than 400+ gigawatts of clean renewable energy and equipped more than 90 percent of utilities worldwide.
FranceF 64
Geotecwww.geotec-sa.comFranceD 61
GEOxyz www.geowyz.euBelgiumD 41
Geps Innovwww.geps-techno.comFranceF 52
Gican www.gican.asso.frFranceC 61
Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque - GPMD www.dunkerque-port.frFranceB 12
Guian www.guian.comFranceA 23
Guinard Energieswww.guinard-energies.bzhFranceD 51
H2V Industrywww.h2vindustry.netFranceB 22
Hydroquestwww.hydroquest.netFranceF 53
IDEAwww.idea-groupe.frFranceC 63
www.igeotest.comSpainD 61
Invest in West Flanderswww.investinwestflanders.orgBelgiumC 41
IX Windwww.ixwind.comNetherlandsF 46
K2 Profshop www.k2profshop.beBelgium C 41
Lava bvbawww.lava-consulting.beBelgiumC 41
Le Marinwww.lemarin.frFranceE 23
Les Vents de Dunkerquewww.ventsdedunkerque.comFranceF 54
Maguin SASwww.maguin.comFranceB 14
MAHYTECwww.mahytec.comFranceF 62
Marine Energy Alliancewww.nweurope.euThe NetherlandsE 22
Maritwww.marit.frFranceB 23
Météo Francewww.meteofrance.com
METEO FRANCE, the French meteorological Service. To manage your operations, the METEO FRANCE Offshore and Energy Teams offer a reliable sea and weather services with 24/7 assistance to fulfill all your needs to make decisions on best informed basis. These services are available all over the globe.
FranceC 52
Mojo Maritimewww.mojomaritime.comFranceD 65
MULLER DORDRECHT www.muller-dordrecht.nlThe Netherlands F 46
Natural Powerwww.naturalpower.comFranceF 44
Naval Energieswww.naval-energies.com
Naval Energies is a major player in marine renewable energies. Naval Energies contributes to the development of renewable energy, coming from the most powerful source: the sea. Naval Energies is present throughout the entire product life cycle: design, manufacturing, deployment and maintenance. Naval Energies is structured around two technologies: Floating wind turbines and ocean thermal energy conversion.
FranceB 31
Neopolia www.neopolia.frFrance F 51
NEOTEK is a leader in the development of complex, state-of-the-art marine systems. Our collaboration with the most innovative suppliers and our involvement on the passive acoustics and instrumented stations field ensure us to offer a wide range of solutions in the sectors of monitoring, environmental surveying, positioning and communication. Our engineering teams develop systems designed to meet your specific requirements.
FranceF 31
Normandie Maritime www.normandie-maritime.frFranceA 23
Observatoires des Energies de la Merwww.mernergies.frFranceWORKINBLUE
Octra Transport Engineering www.octra.frFranceE 01
Offshore Wind Energy by the Netherlands www.topsectorenergie.nl
FranceF 46
Ørsted is the world leader in offshore wind energy managing more than a quarter of the world’s installed capacity. Ørsted develops, constructs and operates offshore wind farms. The company provides green energy to 13 million people around the world. Headquartered in Denmark, Ørsted employs 6,000 people committed to the vision of a world that runs entirely on green energy. Read more at orsted.com Total, Ørsted and Elicio: a unique combination of skills to develop Dunkerque’s offshore wind farm.
France B 35
OTECMI Group SGSwww.bretagnepolenaval.bzhFrance D 51
OUROS BVwww.ouros.euThe NetherlandsF 46
Parkwindwww.press.parkwind.euBelgiumC 53
Pôle Emploiwww.pole-emploi.frFranceWORKINBLUE
Port de Brestwww.brest.port.frFranceD 51
Port de LorientFranceD 51
Port of Nantes Saint-Nazairewww.nantes.port.frFrance F 51
Port-La-Nouvelle, Région Occitaniewww.port-la-nouvelle.comFranceE 21
Ports de Normandiewww.pna-ports.frFranceA 23
Quadran Energies Marineswww.quadran-marines.comFranceE 21
Quiet Oceanswww.quiet-oceans.comFranceD 51
Ravesteinwww.ravestein.nlThe NetherlandsG 71
Région Bretagnewww.bretagneoceanpower.frFranceD 51
Région des Pays de la Loire www.emr-paysdelaloire.fr
FranceF 51
Région Normandiewww.normandie.fr
With major natural assets in terms of marine renewable energies (MRE), Normandy also has the technical, industrial, research-innovation and infrastructure potential, placing it among the leading territories for their development. The aim of the Normandy Region is to ensure a MRE contribution in the energetic transition, and develop a real industrial MRE sector, with/for wind as well as tidal turbines. To do so, it mobilizes its skills and funding to facilitate projects and bring them out.
FranceA 23
Région Occitanie - AD'OCCwww.agence-adocc.com FranceE 21
RelyOn Nutecwww.relyonnutec.comBelgiumC 41
RES GROUPwww.res-group.comFrance F 62
Réseau Jadewww.reseau-jade.beFranceB 13
Roxtec Francewww.roxtec.com
Roxtec fabrique et distribue des solutions d’étanchéité modulaires, pour passage de câbles et tuyauteries, dans tous types de bâtiments, armoires, coffrets et boîtes de jonction. Nos systèmes d'étanchéité modulables sont rapides à installer et s'adaptent à différents diamètres de câbles et tuyaux. Ils forment une barrière efficace contre le feu, le gaz, l'eau, la poussière, la vermine et les explosions. Ils offrent une capacité de réserve pour les modifications ou rénovations de vos traversées.
FranceC 51
RTE (Réseau Transport d'Electricité)www.rte-france.comFranceB 11
Sabellawww.sabella.bzhFranceD 51
Saipemwww.saipem.frFranceD 43
Sarens Francewww.sarens.fr
At Sarens, we have the noble mission to be the reference in crane rental services, heavy lifting, and engineered transport for our clients. With state of the art equipment and value engineering, we offer our clients creative and intelligent solutions to today's heavy lifting and engineered transport challenges. With more than 100 entities in 65 countries operating without borders, we are the ideal partner for small-scale to megascale projects.
FranceB 24
SBM Offshore www.sbmoffshore.comFrance
Scaimewww.scaime.comFranceC 54
Scaleswww.scales.frFranceE 01
Seanergy 2020www.seanergy2020.comFranceB 01
Searoc Groupwww.searoc.comUnited KingdomF 44
SEENEOH tidal test sitewww.seeneoh.comFrance A 13
Segula Technologieswww.segulatechnologies.comFrance F 51
Setec In-Vivowww.setec.frFranceD 62
Setec Internationalwww.inter.setec.frFranceD 62
Setec Organisationwww.orga.setec.fr
Setec is a pioneering, innovative and inventive Engineering. Owned by its ingineers, setec provides optimum services for offshore wind projects and manages major projects including technical fields like foundation design, grid connection and landfalling, structure and port facilities, civil engineering, operation and maintenance facilites. Our scope of services includes design, oceanic, environnemental and technical studies, project & contract management, permitting, operations monitoring.
FranceD 62
Setec Planitec
www.planitec.setec.frFranceD 62
Siemens Gamesawww.siemensgamesa.com
Siemens Gamesa is a world leader in the wind industry, with a strong presence in all facets of the wind industry: offshore (#1), onshore (#2) and services (#2). With 87 GW installed in more than 90 countries, the company ranked first in Make Consultancy's OEM turbine ranking with a market share of more than 17%.
SpainD 42
Skyworkerswww.skyworkers.beBelgiumC 41
StreamflowFranceF 33
Suez Actimarwww.actimar.frFrance D 51
Thomas Services Maritimeswww.tsmgoup.euFranceF 34
Tidal Lagoon Power www.tidalllagoonpower.comUnited KingdomB 22
TNOwww.tno.nlThe NetherlandsF46

Total www.total.fr
Total is a major energy player, which produces and markets fuels, natural gas and low-carbon electricity. Our 100,000 employees are committed to better energy that is safer, more affordable, cleaner and accessible to as many people as possible. Active in more than 130 countries, our ambition is to become the responsible energy major. Total, Ørsted and Elicio: a unique combination of skills to develop Dunkerque’s offshore wind farm.
FranceB 35
Trelleborg Infrastructure www.trelleborg.comThe NetherlandsF 46
Valecowww.groupevaleco.comFranceC 53
Valemowww.valemo.frFranceF 44
Valorem Marine Solutionswww.valorem-energie.comFranceF 42
Vattenfall is a Swedish leading European energy company with 20,000 employees, operating in 7 countries. For 100 years, we have powered industries, supplied energy and modernized the way customers live through innovation and cooperation. Now, Vattenfall wants to make fossil free living possible within one generation, developing its renewable production and climate smart energy solutions. Vattenfall is a leading offshore wind developer and operator with 11 wind farms in 5 countries.
FranceA 21
VDL Klimawww.vdlklimafrance.comFranceD 66
WEAMECwww.weamec.frFranceF 51
FranceE 21
WindEuropewww.windeurope.orgBelgiumD 73